Tips for Finding the Livestream

Tips for Finding the Livestream

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great month of January and your 2022 is off to a good start! Now that we are
back to streaming until the latest Covid numbers start heading back down I thought in this month’s
article I will talk about some tips for viewing the stream on facebook.

I mainly watch the livestream from my desktop computer, so these general tips are for computer
viewing, not for mobile…some of them could apply to both, but if you don’t see a certain setting it’s
may be because I am focusing in this article on facebook on a computer through a web browser like
Google Chrome.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when looking on Facebook for the livestream. The first is
that facebook might show that CCC has gone live and have a little video preview at the very top of
your facebook home screen. This has traditionally been called your “facebook feed” because it is a
collection of your friends posts, groups you have liked/follow, and a few ads. Facebook mixes that
all together for us based on their algorithm of what you like to see. So it’s important to know that
your facebook feed is going to be very different than another person’s facebook feed. For one
person when the stream goes live facebook may put it on your feed directly, but for another person
facebook may not. That’s why I would not recommend counting on the stream to show up on your
feed, and we have no ability to control from our end what facebook puts on your feed. Sometimes
when I have had discussions with people they let me know the livestream is not showing up for
them…but it’s because they are scrolling through their feed to find it, but this is not the way to locate
the feed.

The thing I wanted to mention is that on that same default homepage when you go to facebook
above your feed you’ll also see something called “facebook stories”. These are just like people’s
posts that show up in your feed, but some people like to see those posts as “stories” instead and
facebook sort of plays posts from your friends, groups, and ads across the top of your feed so it
looks a little more dynamic. I personally ignore facebook stories, partly because each post there is
timed and you only have a short bit of time to read the post and see the photo before facebook
continues the slideshow and moves on to the next “story”. This can be particularly awkward for our
livestream because facebook could decide to make CCC’s livestream show up on your facebook
page as a story, which ends up being like a 10 second preview of the actual livestream. It’s tricky
because it looks like the livestream, but it won’t actually link you to the livestream to be able to join,
watch, and comment etc… There is an option to “go to video” if you know where to click when in a
livestream story preview…but it’s still not an ideal ay to find the livestream.

When we go live on Sunday the best place to go is directly to the CCC facebook page. Here is the
direct link Each page, whether it’s your personal
page, your friend’s page, or a business facebook page has what facebook calls a “wall”. This is the
chronological order of that specific person’s posts. So for example if you wanted to find a specific
post that did not show up in your feed (like if a friend asks you if you saw her recent post about a
recipe she wanted to share but facebook did not decide to put it on your “feed”) than you would need
to type in the facebook search bar your friend’s name and check directly on her “wall”. There you
would be able to see her most recent post at the top of the page. It is the same for CCC. When we
go live the livestream is posted at the top of the CCC facebook page (not the tippy top, you may
need to scroll down a little until you get to the “posts” section because sometimes there are a couple
sections above like an about us, recent events, etc…).

Going to the CCC facebook page unless you click the direct link in this article can even be a bit
tricky though. If you go to the search bar and type Central Christian Church you’ll want to be sure to
add Austin to the end…Central Christian Church Austin (and not CCC Austin, the full name). If you
just type Central Christian Church it will more than likely show you other churches, but not ours.
Then when you type the full name you’ll see our info auto-populate and maybe you click on it or hit
enter. This will bring up something that sometimes people may think is our church page, but it’s
really just a preview of a variety of posts from Central Christian Church. Some of them might be
recent posts or a recent videos but it’s not technically the page yet. You’ll want to then click on either
the actual “Central Christian Church Austin, TX” link at the top (but not the circular logo, that still just
shows a preview) or you can click on “view shop” (facebook technically thinks all pages that are not
people are businesses trying to sell things). Once you click “view shop” then it truly takes you to our
actual church page where the livestream is the top post and here if you click on it you will be
officially placed into the livestream and able to view and comment etc…

If you’d like to avoid those steps I would recommend saving the link to the page as a desktop
icon…just as if you were opening up Microsoft Word, or Zoom etc… You can select in your web
browser to take whatever page you are currently on and either save it as a bookmark in your
browser, or to ask it to save the link as a desktop icon. If you use Chrome and you are on the church
facebook page then you click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, select “more tools”, “create
shortcut”. This will put a shortcut on your desktop so if you click on it you will automatically be taken
to the church’s facebook page. I’m sure other browsers have similar options, but I pretty much
always use Google Chrome, so I’m not sure where to find the create shortcut option in other
browsers, but I’m sure they have a similar function.

I hope that helps! And if it’s 5 minutes before 11am and you are not finding the livestream please
feel free to send me a text and I can always send you a direct link in facebook messenger as well so
you can click that and be taken right into the video.
Happy streaming, and have a wonderful month of February!

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