Phil the Gardener with the Green Thumb!

Phil the Gardener with the Green Thumb!

Yo Howdy Church!

Let’s share in the knowledge, comfort and process understanding that Central Christian Church,
Austin (Disciples of Christ) is growing!

We are growing weeds and other wildflowers, herbs, vegetables and produce, roses and flowering
native drought tolerant perennials – we’ve even been joined by new members.

This is the season I find most interesting – watching for the wildflowers (bluebonnets, golden coreopsis,
pink primrose, others) that normally sprout during winter. Watching the plants in dormancy to see what
can help them grow, seeing the endurance of the herb gardens still producing, contemplating the open
spaces resting after a bountiful harvest.

Most of our harvest this past 12 months has been included in the daily meals offered to the homeless by
the Austin Baptist Chapel’s Angel House Soup Kitchen on Cesar Chavez Street.

Mo the Chef has especially appreciated having a variety of herbs from our gardens to add more flavor
to the soup and meals that they provide.

Mo has also taken measure of our share, from our Spring thru Fall gardens we have delivered: Peas: 10
lbs, Spinach: 10 lbs, Lettuces: 12 lbs, Peppers: 14, Okra: 15, Squash: 28, Cucumbers: 32, Beans: 45 ,
Kale 47, Chard: 52, Tomatoes: 221 lbs – the last 35 lbs were green tomatoes (and the soup Mo
prepared was delicious!), herbs: 40 something pounds.

Gardening with God! A congregation that understands Biblical parables can appreciate the
metaphor of our Congregation gardening with God.

Pastor Layne has laminated placed signs and scripture cards throughout our gardens including
“Watch this Space!”. Many of us have been “watching” for decades, and continue to be on

Nancy Goodman-Gill is leading the Visioning Team for CCCA. Let us each and all of us share (by
writing a note, sending an email, leaving a message and sharing in conversation over the coming
months) with her team our own thoughts, ideas and memories of what our Church is to each of us
now (what first comes into focus when you think of church?), what memories you cherish, and how
you think our Church can serve our community (and world) as we practice serving Jesus Christ.
How can we better be becoming Church serving Jesus Christ?

Watch our space!

Be well.

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